KIROPLAST specializes in the production and assembly of hanger hangers for clothing, hangers for skirt trousers, shirts, t-shirts, dresses.

Kiroplast not only specializes in the production of plastic hangers, but also in the production of non-slip velvet / flocked hangers, where it is also possible to completely personalize hangers from the simple color of the hook to the personalization of the company's own brand / logo.

The company provides a range of products that are not just simple accessories, but aim to respond in a complete and modern way to the many different types of requirements in the production and distribution of clothing.


The characteristics of all products, from the simplest to those with the final touch, which are always the most complete, meet the different market requirements, avoiding high costs of materials and prices. The Kiroplast is based above all on reliability, timeliness, efficiency to the concrete possibility, to maintain over time an excellent quality standard, offering at all times a high instant quality, a true resolute answer.


One of our goals is to create a brand in which the best characteristics of the company are shown and that satisfy the credibility and expectations of the market. The quality perceived by the customer will surely be the decisive indicator in constantly improving the products, making them more competitive and easy to access.


Kiroplast manufactures plastic hangers suitable to meet all the requirements in the field of men's, women's and children's clothing along with essential accessories. The final touches, from the elegant velvet to the more economic non-slip version, are combined with the essential personalization to stand out in the increasingly globalized market.

In a sector like fashion, which is constantly evolving, it is important to know how to keep up with the times and only through investments in cutting-edge equipment it is possible to keep constant developments in design and the high level of quality for the products that they are destined for the market.


The manufacture of hangers now in the market has brought a wide choice of models in the world of clothing.

Every day the fashion world is updated with new models and clothing and in fact the company is constantly updated.

Kiroplast aims to offer its customers an efficient and timely service but above all to maintain a high quality range, emphasizing above all the made in Italy.

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